2023 ERSP National Conference (Virtual)

About the Conference

The second ERSP National Virtual Conference will be held on September 30, 2023 from 10am PT/1pm ET through 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET on Zoom.  It will provide a chance for students who have participated in ERSP to present their work to a national audience.

You can find information about the 2022 ERSP National Conference here.

Attend the Conference

The conference will be held on Zoom.   It is free and open to everyone who wants to attend (ERSP participants, all other students, faculty, parents, friends, etc.).   You must register in advance by filling out the registration form below.  After you register, you will receive a zoom link for the conference.  Note that the registrations are reviewed manually so it will likely take a few days before you receive the link.

Click here to register to attend the conference.  Registration is free!

Conference Program (Subject to Change)

All Times in Eastern Standard Time.  

*All presentations will be pre-recorded.  At least one presenter from each team will be present at the conference.  Attendees can interact with the presenter in Zoom chat while their presentation video is playing, during the 5-minute live Q&A and during the networking sessions.

Important Dates

Longer Talks Detailed Schedule (2-3pm Eastern Time)

Click on the poster titles to access the posters.

Lightning Talks Detailed Schedule (3:30-4:10pm Eastern Time)

Click on the poster titles to access the posters.

Instructions for Presenters

Deadline to submit recorded presentations: September 15, 2023 (11:59pm Pacific Time)
Submit the link to your presentation here: https://bit.ly/2023-ERSP-Video-Submission 

All presentations will be pre-recorded and played from video at the conference.  Presenters will be required to record and submit a 10 minute (long presentations) or 5 minute (lightning talks) video presentation by September 15.  Your video must meet the following requirements:

You may use any method you like to create your videos.   Two popular methods are to use Zoom or PowerPoint.  There are countless resources and videos online about how to record presentations using either of these methods, but if you are having trouble, feel free to reach out.

Submit Your Work

Submissions closed

We invite all students who have participated in ERSP at any site in any cohort to submit their ERSP poster for presentation at the National Virtual Conference.   At least one member of the research team must be available to attend the full conference to interact with the audience.  

To submit a poster to be considered for presentation, please prepare the following materials:

Submission link

Selection Criteria

Submissions will be reviewed for clarity, scope, and quality of the research.   

Posters that are accepted for presentation will be accepted as one of the following presentation types:

Leadership Team