Eligibility Requirements

CSE-ERSP targets students who are just beginning their CSE careers and early in their careers at UCSD. To apply you must:

  1. Be in your first year at UCSD or an incoming transfer student at the time of application (i.e. spring 2021 for the 2021-2022 cohort). Note that "first year" does not imply freshman standing, but rather being in your first year at the university, regardless of whether you entered from high school or transferred from another college or university. Incoming transfer students are also eligible to apply in the summer before they enter UCSD.

  2. Not have completed any courses in the CSE upper division at the end of the spring quarter that precedes the program year (i.e. spring 2021 for the 2021/22 cohort).

  3. Be in a CSE major in the CSE department.

What if you do not satisfy all eligibility requirements?

  • If you do not meet these eligibility requirements you may still apply, but you will need to provide an additional essay discussing why an exception should be made. We do make exceptions for students every year (particularly for students in closely related majors outside the CSE department), so don’t be afraid to apply if you think you have a valid reason for not meeting the above criteria. Some valid reasons might include starting the major very late or taking courses out of sequence for some reason.

  • If you are a student in another engineering major at UC San Diego, please apply to the GEAR program, a Jacobs School-wide research program, very similar to ERSP!