2019 - 2020 Projects

Hao Su Group


Developing a model that can analyze the interactions between 3D object parts.

Students: Aimee Shao, David Song

Mentor: Prof. Hao Su, Hao Zhu

Voelker - Savage Group


Classify resource files from web pages and determine their relevancy to the user.

Students: Aaron Wu, Eric Siu, Jeff Xu, Yehonatan Hezkiya

Mentor: Prof. Geoff Voelker, Prof. Stefan Savage, Ariana Mirian, Gautam Akiwate

Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick Group

ERSP Poster (Final).pdf

Developing a highly accurate text line extraction on machine-printed historical documents.

Students: Jason Vega, Eric Ke, Annie Wong, Nidhi Gridhar

Mentor: Prof. Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick

Deian Stefan Group


Developing a WebAssembly extension to protect a program's memory from being accessed illegally.

Students: Aidan Denlinger, Alexandra Michael, Reesha Rajen

Mentor: Prof. Deian Stefan

George Porter & Alex Snoeren Group


Developing a web-based tool to analyze power consumption and CPU-usage data to optimize data center networks.

Students: Christina Leung, Malcolm McSwain, Keshav Mittal, Yana Pyryalina

Mentor: Prof. George Porter, Prof. Alex Snoeren

Julian McAuley Group


Developing a machine learning model that can predict user's workout routine.

Students: Sravya Balasa, Andres Gutierrez, Sasami Scott, Steven Tsan

Mentor: Prof. Julian McAuley, Jianmo Ni

William Griswold & Sorin Lerner Group


Applying gamification to increase motivation while learning about software testing principles.

Students: Andy Liu, Brian Nguyen, Eman Sherif, Emily Bledsoe

Mentor: Prof. William Griswold, Prof. Sorin Lerner

Sicun Gao Group


Building a simulation of a small bipedal robot and test algorithms to improve bipedal walking.

Students: Aarushi Shah, Zachary Adler, Thang Phan

Mentor: Prof. Sicun Gao, Prof. Christine Alvarado, Vignesh Gokul

Gary Cottrell Group


Overcome racial bias in deep facial recognition algorithms through the application of unsupervised domain adaptation techniques.

Students: Catherine Lee, Minjing Shi, Jasdeep Gill, Vincent You

Mentor: Prof. Gary Cottrell, Michael Liu, Vijay Viswanath

KC Claffy Group


Analyze shifts of IPv4 addresses away from Africa to identify organizations that may misappropriating unused addresses.

Students: Niharika Bhaskar, Florence Chan, Pramith Reddy, Chloe Salem

Mentor: Dr. Kimberly Claffy

Debashis Sahoo Group


Developing a web application that facilitates clinical expert's use of BoNE, a tool for gene clustering.

Students: Anh Pham, Gabriela Shirley, Angela Wang

Mentor: Dr. Debashis Sahoo

Tajana Rosing Group


Program a Raspberry Pi-powered rover to evaluate the efficiency of HD in real world applications.

Students: Lloyd Chen, Ryuen Le, Loc Vu

Mentor: Prof. Tajana Rosing, Yeseong Kim, Justin Morris

Niema Moshiri Group


Developing a framework to compare the efficiency of prioritization algorithms.

Students: Kimberly Almaraz, Tyler Jang, McKenna Lewis, Titan Ngo

Mentor: Prof. Niema Moshiri

Polikarpova Group


Students: Edmund Leibert, Yingjia Gu, Christine Phan

Mentor: Prof. Nadia Polikarpova, Rose Kunkel, Shraddha Barke