2020 - 2021 Projects

Cottrell Group


Developing a model that can predict SMILE strings from NMR spectra.

Students: Gaurika Duvur, Allen Cheung, Fernando Bracamonte, Katherine Baker

Mentor: Prof. Gary Cottrell

Voelker - Savage Group


Permissions Requests on Websites

Students: Elizabeth Tran, Marlon Trujillo Ariza, Young Kim

Mentor: Prof. Geoff Voelker, Prof. Stefan Savage, Ariana Mirian, Gautam Akiwate

Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick Group


Developing a highly accurate text line extraction on machine-printed historical documents.

Students: Aneesha Ramaswamy, Jonathan Zamora-Anaya, Lynn Dang, Xuan Wang

Mentor: Prof. Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick

Heninger/Stefan Group


Developing a framework to identify code vulnerabilities to the CopyCat attack.

Students: Brittney Vi, Issac Navarro, Jessica Lam, Laurence D'Ercole

Mentor: Prof. Deian Stefan, Prof. Nadia Heninger

George Porter & Alex Snoeren Group


Developing a simulation tool to evaluate Opera's performace on different workloads.

Students: Johnny Padungyothee, Josh Santillan, Oscar Acevedo, Prothit Halder

Mentor: Prof. George Potter, Prof. Alex Snoeren

Shang Group


Developing an algorithm for efficient quality phrase mining (AutoPhrase)

Students: Anoushka Dave, Julie Hang, Sally Lei, Angel Hernandez-Llamas

Mentor: Prof. Jingbo Shang

Vaccaro Group


Applying mental models to social networks to achieve more transparency.

Students: Ayushi Sharma, Jasmine Takei, Thanh Tong, Lucy Hu

Mentor: Prof. Kristen Vaccaro

Pannuto Group

ERSP Final Poster.pdf

Building a machine learning model to analyze interactions between SociTrack devices.

Students: Sonika Ram, Anthony Quiroga, Colin Lemarchand, Karen Gong

Mentor: Prof. Pat Pannuto

Moshiri Group


Analyze Covid data to predict if transmissions occur between communities.

Students: Lavanya Verma, Rosey Bugayong, Niya Shao, Annie Van 

Mentor: Prof. Niema Moshiri

Knight Group

knight lab - poster.pdf

Analyzing the relationships between Covid virus and the gut microbiome

Students: Lily Steiner, Jose Santana Sosa

Mentor: Prof. Rob Knight

Rose Yu Group

ERSP Poster Presentation.pdf

Analyze movements of basketball players on court to make predictions on who will shoot the ball.

Students: Alejandro Rodriguez Pascual, Muhammad Khan, Frankie Rodriz

Mentor: Prof. Rose Yu

Soosai Raj Group

ERSP powerpoint.pdf

Analyzing the difficulties of non-native speakers in computer science.

Students: Angelina Le, Ronaldo Garcia-Hernandez, Melissa Ignacio, Amitha Stowitts

Mentor: Prof. Soosai Raj

Kastner Group


Developing a framework to predict the encryption algorithm from voltage signals.

Students: Steven Harris, Winnie Wang

Mentor: Prof. Ryan Kastner

Rosing Group


Developing a HD computing method to classify images efficiently.

Students: Lucy Lee, Dhanush Nanjunda Reddy

Mentor: Prof. Rosing