2021 - 2022 Projects

Ajorpaz/Tullsen Group

ERSP Poster (Ajorpaz Tullsen Group) - Jaewon Kim.pdf

Develop reverse engineering techniques on the Cache to discover security vulnerabilities

Students: Jae Won Kim, Jennifer Wong, Dante Tanjuatco, William Jin

Mentor: Prof. Dean Tullsen, Samira Ajorpaz

Chandraker Group

ERSP_Chandraker - Nick Chua.pdf

Develop Inverse Rendering Framework for Mobile Computer Vision Applications

Students: Nitya Agarwal, Saarthak Trivedi, Nicholas Chua, Amanda Kristanto

Mentor: Prof. Manmohan Chandraker

Kane Group

Kane Poster - John Wu.pdf

Develop working implementations of theoretically-efficient distribution testing algorithms.

Students: Wanting Mao, John Wu, Aoxi Li, Ju-Young Park

Mentor: Prof. Daniel Kane

Lerner / Polikarpova / Ferdowsifard / Huang Group

ERSP Poster - Mandeep Syal.pdf

Develop a Live Programming Environment for Unit Testing

Students: Justin Du, Mandeep Syal, Thanh-Nha Tran

Mentor: Prof. Sorin Lerner, Prof. Polikarpova, Kasra Ferdowsifard, Lisa Huang

McDonald/Knight Group

Poster - Shria Arcot.pdf

Finding the closest animal microbial match for a human species

Students: Nathalie Franklin, Joelle Faybishenko, Shria Arcot, Arely Alvarez

Mentor: Prof. Daniel McDonald, Prof. Rob Knight

Minnes/Griswold/Lewis Group

ERSP Poster - Bradley Chester.pdf

Identify potential disparities in obtaining internships in undergraduate population

Students: Anthony Hernandez, Jose Salazar, Abel Seyoum, Bradley Chester

Mentor: Prof. Mia Minnes, Prof. William Griswold, Prof. Amari Lewis

Porter Group

ERSP Porter Poster - Jessalyn Wang.pdf

Reduce the carbon footprint of data centers by extending the lifetime of existing servers.

Students: Kailey Wilkens, Ann Luong, Jessalyn Wang

Mentor: Prof. George Porter

Ramamoorthi/Li Group

Ramamoorthi-Li_Poster - Nabhan Sazzad.pdf

Observing the Peaks and Troughs of Inverse Rendering to identify most significant variables for 3D reconstructions.

Students: Nabhan Sazzad, Maggie Liu, Andrew Oabel

Mentor: Prof. Ravi Ramamoorthi, Prof. Tzo-Mao Li

Shang Group

ERSP_Presentation_final - Sailor Eichhorn.pdf

Build a framework to generate new unknown classes from a subset of known classes 

Students: (Megan) Sailor Eichhorn, Weiyu Hu, Malcolm Hsu, Xiaofan Mu

Mentor: Prof. Jingbo Shang

Stefan/Narayan Group

ERSP StefanNarayan Group Poster - Jenelle Truong.pdf

Sandboxing library libjpeg to keep it secure from malicious attacks

Students: Jenelle Truong, Michael Grenado, Anokhi Mehta, Lauren Chen

Mentor: Prof. Deian Stefan, Shravan Narayan

Switzer/Kastner Group

erspposterswitzerkastner - Sofie Gmerek.pdf

Reuse old phones to elongate their life span and reduce the need for new servers

Students: Sofie Gmerek, Julia Le, Roman Ahmadi, Jason Li

Mentor: Prof. Ryan Kastner, Jennifer Switzer

Vo/Sahoo Group

VoSahooPosterERSP - Daniel Hernandez.pdf

Improving TB Diagnosis Using Boolean Relationships and Gene Signatures

Students: Nikki Rejai, Daniel Hernandez, Cindy Wang, James Cole

Mentor: Prof. Debashis Sahoo, Daniella Vo

Yarmand/Weibel Group

PosterPresentations.com-Virtual(4.3-Ratio)-Template-Winchester (1) - Andrew Lee.pdf

Develop an integrated contouring platform to address the gap in contouring education

Students: Mrinal Sharma, Pei Chua Chai, Andrew Lee

Mentor: Prof. Nadir Weibel, Matin Yarmand

Yu/Kozerawski Group

ersppresent - Yingkai Lee.pdf

Develop a model that measure saliency quantitatively for autonomous driving.

Students: Dongwook Kim, Yingkai Lee, Ryan Choi, Sherwin Motlagh

Mentor: Prof. Rose Yu, Jedrzej Kozerawski

Yu/Rosing Group

YuRosing_Final - Quanling Zhao.pdf

Improve federated learning systems with the addition of HDC for better performance on low power devices.

Students: Mohammed Huzaifa, Kai Lee, Jeffrey Liu, Quanling Zhao

Mentor: Prof. Tajana Rosing, Xiaofan Yu