2023 - 2024 Projects

Bafna Group

Analysis of cancer genomes

Students: Trey Shneour, Kendall Underwood

Mentor: Prof. Vineet Bafna

Coblenz Group

Kale: Safer, More Powerful Spreadsheets for Data Science 

Students: Aniket Gupta, Arushi Munjal, Jeffery Tung

Mentor: Prof. Michael Coblenz

Fernandes Group

Experimental security analysis of Guardrails for Large Language Models

Students: Henry Choi, Angie Nguyen, Nicole Shirley, Murou Wang

Mentor: Prof. Earlence Fernandes

Heninger/Haller Group

Security Analysis of Smart Locks 

Students: Danielle Dang, Sierra Lira, Cho Jung (Angela) Tsai

Mentor: Prof. Nadia Heninger, Miro Haller

Lerner Group

Large Language Models for Proofs 

Students: Anthony Chapov, Melanie Haro-Mendoza, Justin Yang, Sydney Zhang

Mentor: Prof. Sorin Lerner, Emily First, Yousef Alhessi, Saketh Kasibatla, Kyle Thompson

Li/Ramamoorthi Group

Implementation of image view synthesis and differentiable rendering in Slang

Students: David Choi, Hayden Kwok, Rick Rodness, Taiki Yoshino

Mentor: Prof. Tzu-Mao Li, Prof. Ravi Ramamoorthi

McAuley/Dong Group

Violin Performance Rendering using Deep Neural Networks

Students: Wanning Lu, Minh Hoang Phan, Diego Reyes

Mentor: Prof. Julian McAuley, Hao-Wen Dong

McDonald/Cantrell/Knight Group

A novel deep learning approach for bidirectional prediction between microbiome profiles and dietary patterns

Students: Ismail Faiz, Yoto Kim, Arjun Kohli

Mentor: Dr. Daniel McDonald, Kalen Cantrell, Prof. Rob Knight

Munyaka Group

Analysis of parental concerns about children gaming on Roblox using Topic Modeling

Students: Emily Gorial, Chuong Nguyen, Andrew Smithwick, Natasha Tran

Mentor: Prof. Imani Munyaka

Ousterhout Group

Analyzing the Usability of Systems for Querying “Eclectic” Data

Students: Ruiping Fang, Siya Kamboj, Peter Lee, Brandon Panuco

Mentor: Prof. Amy Ousterhout

Rosing/Moshiri/Minxuan Group

Performance improvements on the LJA - state-of-the-art genome assembler

Students: Ishika Agrawal, Shirley Bian, Vivian Liu, Warren Trinh

Mentor: Prof. Tajana Rosing, Prof. Niema Moshiri,  Zhou Minxuan

Shang Group

Benchmarking Chatbots on Fine-Grained User Prompts with Unsupervised Clustering and Chatbot Arena

Students: Thiago Donato, Shreya Nagunuri, Kathleen Ngo

Mentor: Prof. Jingbo Shang, Zi Lin, Zihan Wang

Soosai/Raj Group

Analysis of student testing behaviors during program development in introductory CS courses

Students: Gonzalo Allen-Perez, Luis Millan, Brandon Nghiem, Kevin Wu

Mentor: Prof. Gerald Soosai Raj

Ukani/Izhikevich/Snoeren Group

Country-in-the-Middle: Measuring Network Paths between People and their Governments

Students: Kristy Ly, Shambhavi Mittal, Manan Patel, Samvrit Srinath

Mentor: Alisha Ukani, Katherine Izhikevich, Prof. Alex Snoeren

Vo/Safa/Sahoo Group

Visualization of sequencing data for primer design steps

Students: Shruti Bhamidipati, Uliyaah Dionisio, Sonia Fereidooni, Vinuthna Maradana

Mentor: Daniella Vo, Sara Safa, Prof. Debashis Sahoo